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Peninsula Papagayo possesses one of the most extraordinary coastal landscapes and biological corridors on the planet. Now comes the opportunity to connect and celebrate this sprawling peninsula from end to end for the first time—creating an irreplaceable 1,400-acre playground of geo-luxury and transformational experiences amid some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes: 11 miles of dramatic coastline, eight miles of majestic bluff edges, seven sandy beaches in all colors and one of the last remaining tropical dry forests on the planet.

Discrete zones now make it easier to access more of the peninsula’s hidden treasures, creating more opportunities to interact with the wonder of the wilds. A new Nature Center, Macaw Sanctuary and more than 13 miles of nature trails and wilderness outposts are just the beginning of a lifetime of adventure.



Strange and wonderful. Pure and primeval. Peninsula Papagayo is a virgin land immersed in an astonishing mosaic of beauty. Every direction unveils breathtaking views: the magic is hypnotic.

Within each district, the land itself drew the blueprints. As it should be. Golf winds its way across the highest plateaus. Private residences are hidden among the hillsides. Hotels are tucked into their own prietas, or natural bowls. Small bays and steep cliffs are scattered throughout—idyllic spots to survey nature’s artistry. There are open mesas, mangrove preserves, estuaries, coral reefs and a string of islets. Mighty ocean waters and gentle bay waters. Everywhere is the tropical forest: mysterious and pristine.

Discover a world apart.



Guanacaste is a land of contrasts with no seasonal in-betweens. The landscape reverses itself every six months—each bearing unique gifts.

The lush jungles during May to November’s green season bring heavy afternoon rains almost daily that cool the air and drench the forests in all shades of green. Temps are moderate, with highs of 87°F to 93°F and lows of 71°F to 79°F.

The arid gold season is painted in rich schemes of honey and tawny tones. Ocean views become suddenly visible between leafless boughs that days earlier were opaque walls of greenery. It’s easiest to spot monkeys and wildlife in the canopies. Temps range from a high of 87°F to 96°F with lows of 69°F to 73°F.



Consider Costa Rica’s statistics: 857 species of birds, 182 species of amphibians, 235 species of reptiles, 241 species of mammals and 1,500 species of orchids. And if Costa Rica is nature’s showcase, Guanacaste is its showpiece. Ostional Wildlife Refuge, on the Pacific Coast of Nicoya Peninsula, is the most populous nesting site for olive ridley turtles in the world. This is only one of 161 national parks and wildlife refuges in the country—many of them in Guanacaste.

In the Gulf of Papagayo thrives a coral, guiri guiri, found nowhere else in the Pacific. At Peninsula Papagayo, where the ocean meets the estuary, old-growth mangroves nearly 100 feet tall form a womb of rich ecosystems in water, the treetops and on land.



Delight in over 13 miles of scenic trails designed to bring you closer to one of nature’s wildest and most wonderful places.



Access the peninsula from end to end via a series of outposts connected by an extensive trail system—from easy walking trails along the roads to more challenging hikes deep into the seasonal forest. Beyond the next bend, around the next corner, there is always another surprise.

Discover treehouse-inspired seating areas, gathering places for concerts and campfires, yoga pavilions, hammock gardens and satellite nature stations with protected wildlife viewing areas, so you can refresh, tap into nature without borders or awaken your inner Robinson Crusoe. This is wilderness: filled with the sounds of chattering monkeys and birds.



Costa Rica is a bird lover’s paradise—home to 857 different species, including the colorful and highly intelligent scarlet macaw. Sadly, the macaw population has been devastated by the illegal pet trade and is now classified as endangered.

Working in close collaboration with Costa Rican government agencies, Peninsula Papagayo is leading an effort to provide refuge and protection to the last existing wild population of scarlet Macaws on the Nicoya Peninsula, reintroducing the species at Peninsula Papagayo under a comprehensive program of habitat management, captive breeding, monitoring and environmental education.



Your gateway to the peninsula’s incredible biodiversity. This magical family-friendly hub, staffed by resident naturalists, focuses on environmental, maritime, archaeological, social and educational initiatives—offering a basecamp for nature studies, interactive exhibits and hands-on programs designed to increase awareness and support conservation. If you crave nature, start here.

Some copy excerpts and images on this page originally appeared in the book “Voices of Guancaste,” and abridged versions are presented here courtesy of author Jocelyn Fujii and photographer Tony Arruzza.

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Golf Clubhouse, Tennis Center & Bike Center

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Prieta Beach Club

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Golf Practice Facility

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Future Macaw Sanctuary

A refuge for all seasons, protecting one of the last wild populations of scarlet macaws.

Nature Center

Basecamp for exploration and gateway to the peninsula’s extraordinary biological corridor.

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